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Loba Motorsport

Loba motorsport turbochargers

Porsche 997 LO700P VTG Upgrade Sport turbochargers

By retaining the VTG turbo setup and using LOBA Motorsport latest billet compressors, bigger and more efficient V3 LO-2383, we are able to maintain lightning fast spool up and make power levels reserved only for the most exclusive exotic hyper cars yet st 

Audi S3 Golf R Sachs 2.0 TFSI / TDI Stage 2 upgrade clutch kit

This Single Mass Clutch & Flywheel Kit is an idea direct replacement for those that wish to replace the OE dual mass flywheel but still have a clutch with a OE feel. 

Audi S3 Golf R 2.0 TFSI CNC Stage 1 cylinder head machining

Using 5-axis CNC advanced machining technology yields precision results, maintaining incredible accuracy and tolerances with a fantastic surface finish. 

Loba S3 TTS 8 Pot Brake Upgrade

AP Racing 48 Vane Directional rotors (Grooved or Drilled) Bolt-on Replacement no other modifications needed. 

Loba TTRS 362mm Brake Upgrade Kit

LOBA Motorsport TTRS 362MM Upgrade Rotor set-up (retains stock callipers).